Ana Thompson Fine Jewellery is an award winning contemporary fine jewellery house founded with a vision to create a universe of captivating fine jewellery and objects which are valued for innovation through exploration and discovery.

Allured by the unseen wonders and unexpected beauty of the macroscopic and microscopic worlds of nature, her timeless, elegant and versatile aesthetics explores organic and geometric forms, which manifest at the most extreme scales governed by unseen forces and natural laws.

With her fascination for design, science and technology, Ana creates her own narratives and worlds with in worlds, transforming her imagination into captivating fine jewellery which relates to the body with versatility and sculptural sensibility. 

Ana Thompson Fine Jewellery has been showcase at leading international jewellery fairs, and in 2017 her Vortex and Spin Series won her two prestigious Goldsmith’s Craft & Design Council Awards. 

Ana Thompson is an award wining Colombian multidisciplinary designer based at London’s esteemed Goldsmith’s Centre.

Ana studied Industrial design in Bogota, Colombia and after gaining a variety of experience working in London, she completed her MA in Jewellery Design (with distinction) in 2012 at The Sir John Cass Faculty of Architecture & Design (The Cass).

During her masters she developed innovative ways to combine her industrial design background, working with cutting-edge digital manufacturing technologies; with her cultivated passion for traditional goldsmith’s techniques from her native Colombian heritage. 

Her appreciation for jewellery to carry culture and meaning through the ages helped to clarify her design vision and become a catalyst for establishing hew own jewellery brand ‘Ana Thompson Fine Jewellery’