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A new chapter starts written with 'LOVE'.

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'Inspire and Create Wonder'

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captivating fine jewellery with a unique modern twist

Ana Thompson creates captivating fine jewellery and objects with understated elegance & ease, for the curious, the explorer with a wondrous mind that finds beauty in the finer details of everyday life.

Pearl essence

A Timeless Glow to Elevate Everyday

Empowering Inner Beauty

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A Harmonious Balance of Strengh & Delicacy.

Bold, Feminine & Refined

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Unique & Soulful. Engagement and Wedding Rings.

When TWO become ONE.

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Ana Thompson Fine Jewellery


Ana Thompson creates timeless, elegant and captivating fine jewellery that relate to the body with versatility and sculptural sensibility to elevate natural beauty and a close connection with the natural world.

Our unique and sophisticated designs are driven by Ana's fascination for revealing the hidden beauty and unseen wonders found in the MACROscopic-MICROscopic worlds of nature, blending design, science and technology.  They are a juxtaposition of pieces that flow from delicate to bold.  They are visually soft and elegant yet simultaneously tactile and arresting.  

Her research explores fluid forms and organic geometry created by nature's invisible forces, resulting in captivating fine jewellery designed to "INSPIRE AND CREATE WONDER"

All the pieces are thoughtfully designed & meticulously crafted in our London studio, blending traditional and contemporary techniques with sustainable and innovative materials.  

Welcome to discover our MACRO-MICRO World. 


Ana Thompson Fine Jewellery

'inspire and create wonder'

vortex series



Strength & Delicacy

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interstellar chainlink



Timeless Elegance

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Ana Thompson Fine Jewellery

INSPIRED BY THE macro-micro world

"As a way to reconnect with the natural world Ana's source of inspiration and fascination is to explore and discover the hidden beauty, unseen forces and wonders of the MACROscopic & MICROscopic world of nature" 

Ana Thompson Fine Jewellery

the macro world

An exploration into the celestial bodies, unseen forces and phenomenal wonders of our MACROscopic world. 

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THE micro world

An exploration of the MICROscopic creatures, single cell organisms that live at the bottom of the ocean, their evolution and growth.

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Ana Thompson Fine Jewellery

designed and handcrafted in London with Pure Colombian soul

Ana Thompson proudly designed and handcrafted all her pieces in London. Fusing a contemporary approach blending design, craftsmanship and technology. Honoring her Colombian roots and heritage she look into the past to create the present and inform the future.


A new chapter start written with LOVE.

which we celebrate with individual and unique designs specially made for you.


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about ana

London based Colombian born Designer Ana Thompson creates timeless and distinctive fine jewellery pieces with a unique modern twist. Her creations explore the hidden beauty and unseen wonders found in the MACRO-MICRO worlds of nature, to effortlessly elevate natural beauty and everyday elegance.

Our story

"ATFJ CREATES innovative fine jewellery, thoughtfully designed and finely crafted blending modern technologies and craftsmanship with a conscious sustainable balance to connect you closer to the natural world to inspire and create wonder”