Welcome to A - LAB, our creative space to discover more about our projects and collaborations which blend DESIGN, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, A series of projects focusing on discover the unseen beauty and wonders of the UNSEEN MACRO & MICRO worlds of nature. 

Fashion Designer Blending Design & Science
A unique garmet and body adornment design to capture and translate the beauty of microscopic details into wearable art pieces.
Project created in collaboration with professor Dr Sean Speese for Descience and exhibited at MIT Media Lab
Translating the wonders of the microscopic world into wearable adornment. a piece that highlight our times and the evolution of technology. 
Z62 Body Adornment
This wearable sculpture was inspired by the nuclear periphery during a period of nuclear envelope budding a newly discovered that cells utilise to export RNA messages from the nucleus to the cytoplasm of the cell. 
Thank you to our Collaborators for making this project a reality:
MIT Media Lab 
Proffesor Yuly Fuentes 
Professor Sean Speese 
Richard Fox