"Ana Thompson Fine Jewellery is founded with a vision to create a universe of captivating fine objects which transport you beyond the realm of our senses and experience which is unseen, beautiful and invisible". 

Driven by a fascination for revealing the hidden beauty and wonders discovered in the unseen MACROscopic and MICROscopic worlds.  Ana's designs explore organic and geometric forms, which manifest at the most extreme scales and which are driven by unseen natural forces and govern by natural laws. 

Blending design, science and technology, we create our own narratives and worlds with in worlds.  Transforming observations & research with imagination into timeless, elegant and captivating fine objects, which relate to the body with versatility and sculptural sensibility to elevate natural beauty and a close connection with our natural world.

Our designs are a juxtaposition with pieces that flow from delicate to bold. They are visually soft and elegant yet simultaneously tactile and arresting. 

All our pieces are designed, developed and handcrafted in our London studio, working with the industries finest master craftsmen.

Using sustainable materials, 18K gold is combined with the allure of diamonds and pearls , sterling silver is fused with vibrant colour finishes to create timeless and captivating pieces, bespoke commissions and bridal pieces to be treasured as future heirlooms.